Best Stubby Hammer UK 

We understand that you might be busy, and may not have time to read our full review. If you simply want to know what the best srtubby hammer is, it is the Rolson 10019 stubby claw hammer.

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What Is a Stubby Hammer Used For?

A stubby version is a quite small version of a normal claw hammer. It is used for small and light jobs around the home, and handy to store as well in something like a tool box, or a drawer.

We also think it is the perfect hammer for anyone who wants to avoid hitting their fingers or thumb.

We found this video which shows at least 5 practical uses for a stubby hammer.

Top 5 Rated Stubby Hammers

Just below you will find our top 5 list, where we have placed the hammers in order. The order we have used is the highest buyer rated first. In other words we have placed the stubby hammers in order of what buyers judged their quality to be.

As you can see, these are not very expensive to buy. They are also really handy to have in your tool box, bag or wherever you store your tools, for using around the home.

  1. Rolson 10019 8 ounce stubby claw hammer (96%)
  2. Spifflyer 8 OZ Small Claw Hammer (94%)
  3. Draper Redline 10 oz Fibreglass Shaft Stubby Claw Hammer (94%)
  4. DEKTON DT10110 8-Oz Stubby Claw Hammer (92%)
  5. Amtech A0200B Magnetic Stubby Claw Hammer (90%)

Stubby Hammer Summary Reviews

Underneath, we have completed short and concise reviews, on these top 5 products. That way you can see at a glance, which one is the best choice for you.

No 1 Choice - Rolson 10019 Stubby Claw Hammer review

  • This is by far the best selling stubby hammer on the UK market
  • It is made from a very high grade of carbon steel
  • The handle is made of rubber which prevents slipping and makes it very comfortable to use
  • Classed as a 8 ounce hammer 
  • Has a magnetised nail holder

No 2 Choice - Spifflyer 8 ounce Claw Hammer Review

Spifflyer stubby hammer
  • This hammer is made from an alloy steel that has been drop forged and heat treated
  • The head has also been mirror polished
  • Classed as a 8 ounce hammer
  • Fits easily into a pocket and very handy to store

No 3 Choice - Draper Redline 10 oz Fibreglass Shaft Stubby Claw Hammer Review

draper stubby hammer
  • Made from fine grain carbon steel and has a polished steel head
  • Has been hardened and tempered
  • Fibreglass shaft with shock absorbing soft grip handle
  • Classed as a 10 ounce hammer
  • Has a magnetic nail starter

No 4 Choice - DEKTON DT10110 8-Oz Stubby Claw Hammer Review

DEKTON DT10110 stubby hammer
  • Made from a durable carbon steel with a polished finish
  • Has a very comfortable groove cushioned handle with a fibre glass core
  • Also has a magnetic nail starter
  • Classed as an 8 ounce hammer

No 5 Choice - Amtech A0200B Magnetic Stubby Claw Hammer Review

Amtech A0200B stubby hammer
  • This stubby hammer has been drop forged and has a heat treated head
  • It has a magnetic head that helps when starting with nails
  • Classed as an 8 ounce hammer

All the hammers on this list get really good buyer reviews, and in our opinion, the Rolson one is the best value for money at under £5. This type of small or stubby hammer is just a handy little tool to have around.

It is great for tapping nails into the wall, for making small adjustments to shelves, and really for any job that involves the use of a hammer for lighter types of work. I like to keep one on my Tool Belt at all times, they are just so handy.

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