Evolution Rage 3 DB Review 

Thanks for taking your time to read our review of the Evolution Power Tools Rage 3-DB mitre saw.

As you can see from the image below, this is a good looking mitre saw, with plenty of features. That makes it versatile, and ideal for working on different cutting tasks.

This is a 110 Volt mitre saw, suitable for working on building sites.

Editors Opinion

There are plenty of mitre saws on the market. You can easily pay £400-500 for a top quality model from Makita or Dewalt and it will be an excellent saw.

This Evolution model is just more affordable for most trade people and it has enough features to make it really useful.

- geoff magee

Product Rating Summary 

90% Overall
  • The beauty of this saw is that it can cut wood, mild steel, non-ferrous metals, and plastic with one blade
  • It also has a double bevel facility that reduces the need to re-adjust the work piece and laser guidance aids accuracy
  • Has a large 320 mm slide mechanism for long angled cuts, offers a solution to almost all common applications
  • Comes with a 255 mm RAGE multipurpose blade (28 teeth) included
  • 3-year warranty (only valid if purchased in the UK)

Value for Money


Ease of Use




How Online Buyers Rate This Saw

We checked all of the online reviews for this saw, and then calculated the average buyer satisfaction rating. Just below, you can see the details of our research.

Rate it highly


Percentage of Buyers

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What Online Buyers Say


  • The majority of online buyers loved the fact that this could be used for a wide variety of cutting tasks, anything from banisters, to flooring to frame work
  • Most buyers said that it is well made, well designed and if you take the time to set it up properly at the start it is very accurate
  • Most buyers were impressed with the cutting capability of this saw on any material. and it is especially good on wood
  • Buyers also liked the sliding guide, the laser and the mitre and bevel options


  • A few buyers received the item and it had been damaged in the post
  • A few buyers said that the electric cord on this is too short
  • A few buyers said it is quite bulky and takes up a fair amount of space


This mitre saw is like many products in that overall it gets good enough reviews and the odd horror story. This is a professional or a contractor table saw, and it is an affordable option, and can do most types of cut.

Evolution Power Tools Rage 3-DB Key Features

Here we summarise what we believe the key features to be.

Rage 3D Mitre saw

Feature Strong Motor

Any mitre saw is only as good as the motor that drives it

This model has a 2000 watt motor and that along with a strong gear box makes this one strong and well designed.

mitre and bevels with the rage 3db

Feature Bevel & Mitre

Cross and rip cutting are the basics, but being able to make bevel and mitre cuts makes the saw really versatile

Has a 320 mm slide mechanism, for long angled cuts, and 0-45 degrees bevel both left and right, to allow you to do things faster

cutting blade for rage 3db

Feature Good blade

The blade on this saw is a multi-purpose blade

The blade is a 255 mm RAGE multipurpose blade (28 teeth), with a 255 mm blade diameter and 25.4 mm bore diameter. Can cut through almost any material

Video Review of the Evolution Power Tools Rage 3-DB Double Bevel Sliding Mitre Saw

We found this excellent video of this saw, which lasts around 15 minutes, but we think is worth a watch as it goes into excellent detail.

If this is not the mitres saw for you, then check out our other information on the top 5 mitre saws by clicking here.  We have completed a top 5 list of affordable mitre saws.

This one though remains a very popular and affordable choice.

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