Best Panel Pin Tack Hammer UK 

In this article we review, what we believe to be the best panel pin (tack) hammers, currently available on the UK marketplace.These are in my opinion, an essential hammer to have in your toolbox, if you value your fingers and thumbs.

In the main, this style of hammer is used predominantly in the upholstery industry. That is because the hammer is light in weight, and is used to attach the fabric to the frame of various types of furniture. Staple guns have replaced the use of this hammer, though many people still use these along with a staple gun.

One side of the head typically will have a magnetised head, to help hold small nails, pins and tacks in place, to help get you started.

What Is a Pin (Tack) Hammer Used For?

As I have mentioned already, this type of hammer is mainly used in the upholstery trade. However this type of hammer is also used by carpet layers, telephone engineers and electricians.

That is because they have to tack small cleats, or tacks to attach cables. Carpet layers also use this for putting down carpet tracks. They are also used by picture framers.

Others may use them for attaching beading and mouldings. They are popular with those who enjoy craft style hobbies.

How Much Do Pin Hammers Cost?

They range from around £3-12, depending on what they are made from. They are not expensive to buy, light in weight, easy to use and really a very handy small hammer to own.

Top 5 Rated Tack Hammers

Just below you will find a table, where we have placed the tack hammers in order. The order we have used is the highest buyer rated first. In other words we have placed the pin hammers in the order, of what buyers judged their quality to be.

We have also included average UK prices, but be aware that these are always subject to change. Always check on the exact date and time when you are making any purchase. The ratings we update on a regular weekly basis.

if you click on the product name, you will be taken to Amazon UK, where you can read other buyer reviews. In this table we have included the rank, pin (tack) hammer name, an average price, our rating and a grade.

Please note the prices are averages as they change regularly. Always check any price if you decide to make a purchase. The Rating is out of 5 stars.

As you can see, the better ones cost around the £10-15 mark. The cheaper ones are also useful to have. I use the small Am-Tech one myself because I don't need an expensive version, as it is not a hammer I would use on a regular basis. For a couple of pounds though, it is jolly handy to have when you need it.

Pin (Tack) Hammer Summary Reviews

Underneath, we have completed short and concise reviews, on these top 5 products. That way you can see at a glance, which one is the best choice for you.

No 1 Choice - Draper Expert 19724 190 g Magnetized forked face Tack Hammer with Hickory Handle Review

no 1 choice pin tack hammer
  • Has a magnetic face along with a keeper on the fork
  • A forged carbon steel head
  • Measures 27.2 x 14.1 x 2 cm 
  • Classed as a 190 gram head
  • Wooden hickory shaft
  • Beautifully balanced hammer


no 2 choice pin tack hammer
  • This is a 33 cm pin hammer
  • Ideal for finer work
  • Has a good grip fibreglass handle

No 3 Choice - Faithfull HMAGTACK Magnetic Tack Hammer Review

no 3 rated pin tack hammer
  • A 7 ounce hammer
  • Has a traditional wooden (hickory) handle
  • The head has been hardened and polished
  • Measures 14 x 2 x 33 cm 
  • Has a useful claw for tack removal

No 4 Choice - Am-Tech Pin Hammer Review

no 4 choice pin hammer
  • A basic pin hammer
  • 13" long
  • Lightweight wooden handle
  • The perfect budget buy

No 5 Choice - Tack pin hammer magnetic 7oz hickory shaft Review

no 5 choice pin tack hammer
  • A 7 ounce hammer
  • Standard wooden hickory shaft
  • Measures 34 x 23.2 x 3.8 cm  
  • Has a tack removal claw

Pin Hammer Buying Guide

If you are still unsure as to which pin hammer to buy, then the guide below should help you out. Like most hammers, there are a range of choices. A hammer like the Am-Tech model shown above, is a cheap option if in doubt.

Carpet fitters will of course want one with a tack remover option one one end. For others that may not be so important.

Which Type of Pin Hammer is Best?

Your choice will always come down to the task that you need it to do. All of these are lightweight hammers, designed to help you tap in small nails, pins or tacks.

Carpet fitters will always want one that has a tack remover, and will also want one with a magnetised head. This just makes the carpet fitting a great deal easier, especially when laying down carpet grippers and underlay.

Electricians, TV engineers, telephone engineers will want a small hammer to attach cables to walls or skirting boards. A simple pin hammer will do this job nicely. More often than not, they will not have a tack removal, as it is simply not needed.

The straighter head on the opposite side is a better option for them.

Which Handle Type is Best?

The huge majority of these are made from traditional wood, usually a hickory option is best. You can get fibreglass, though that will make your purchase more expensive.

This hammer is only ever used for lightweight jobs. Therefore the shaft type does not really matter a great deal. The weight of the hammer is not that important either.

Pin Hammer Summary & Conclusion

In my opinion, it is a really good idea to have one of these in your tool kit. They are very handy for all those small hammering jobs. Rather than whack your fingers with a normal claw hammer, you can use one of these.

They are really useful for craft work, and any task that requires any type of small nail or tack. Keep one in your Tool Belt and you will always have it to hand.

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