Best Sheet Sander UK Reviews

Thanks for taking your time to read our reviews on the best sheet sanders that are currently available on the United Kingdom marketplace.

Most people will have had a sheet sander at one time or another, It's a very common tool. They are great when it comes to preparing any surface for stains, paint, varnish, or if you have a large,flat area to do.

A good sheet sander is handy to sand rough and uneven surfaces fast and will leave a pretty goof finish every time. They are also quite forgiving as the large sanding area wont dig in or leave a groove.

As with all power tools you are looking for quality against price and It's hard to find one that ticks all the boxes. So we have reviewed what we think are 5 of the best sheet sanders on the market today, rating their features, strengths, and weaknesses.

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Just below you will see our top 5 list of sheet sanders. However, we also know you are busy, so if you don't have time to read our full review, we would highly recommend the Makita BO3710 240V 1/3-inch Sheet Orbital Sander

Best Sheet Sander by Buyer Rating

The top 5 are as follows:





Makita BO3710 240V 1/3-inch Sheet Orbital Sander



Dewalt DWE6411-GB DWE6411 Sheet Sander



Bosch Orbital Sander PSS 250 AE



Tacklife Sheet Sander 300W



Silverline 135W 1/3 Sheet Orbital Sander 230V


Just below, we have also completed some summary reviews on each of these, so as you can see which is the best option for you.

No 1 - Makita BO3710 240V 1/3-inch Sheet Orbital Sander Summary Review

  • 92% customer satisfaction with 76% of all buyers giving this model a full 5 star review
  • 22000 strokes per minute
  • 11000 orbits per minute
  • Electronic ignition
  • Double insulation
  • Built-in dust collection system
  • Powerful motor
  • Just a superb sander!

No 2 - Dewalt DWE6411-GB DWE6411 Sheet Sander Summary Review

  • 90% Customer Satisfaction
  • 230 Watt motor sands at 14,000 orbits per minute, providing a superior finish
  • Hook & loop platen allows faster paper change, better dust extraction and increase sanding efficiency
  • Paper clamps provided for conventional abrasives
  • Textured anti-slip top and body grip provides ultimate comfort and control during prolonged use
  • Dust sealed switch for increased durability

No 3 - Bosch Orbital Sander PSS 250 AE Summary Review

  • 88% buyer satisfaction rating
  • Optimised 250 W motor ensures gentle sanding with minimum vibration
  • Dust-free sanding thanks to direct dust extraction into a micro filter box
  • Sanding sheet clamping system for easily changing the sanding paper allowing you to work easily
  • Items included: PSS 250 AE, sanding sheet P80, P120, P180, micro filter box, case

No 4 - TACKLIFE 300W Sheet Sander Summary Review

  • 86% buyer satisfaction rating
  • Good size of sanding base  9×4.5 Inch( 230×115mm). 
  • 6-stage alternative speed dial supplies variable control of speed. 
  • Dust collection system,built-in microfilter system 
  • Features a precision-machined aluminum sanding plates, far superior to other plastic base plate
  • Hook and loop pad for easier and quicker sandpaper changes.
  • Warranty of 24 month

No 5 - Silverline 135W 1/3 Sheet Orbital Sander 230V Summary Review

  • 82% buyer satisfaction rating
  • Sheet size 93 x 230 mm
    Lever sheet attachment
  • Vacuum dust extraction port
    For light sanding and finishing
  • Weight: 1.4 kg
  • Guaranteed for 3 years
  • Great budget sander

Sheet Sander Buying Tips


Sheet sanders can be battery or mains powered. Although I would always tend to recommend the corded sander, the battery-powered tools are quickly becoming more reliable.


 The base plate is where you attach the sandpaper and this is a critical element in any flat sander.Many sanders come with holes at the base to enable dust removal. Its important to check if the base, or parts of it canbe replaced as these tend to wear the most


Bigger is nearly always better when it comes to the the motor.
Not in this case though. You apply the pressure by hand so its hard to be accurate and too strong a motor can do more damage than good.


Always go for a model with dust collection. You don't want to inhale any dust and you don't want to make a mess. This is the easiest decision you will make. No dust extraction, no sale!


Quick and easy paper change is what you are looking for. Also something that holds the paper tightly. If you spend too much time fixing, adjusting and changing the sandpaper, you will never fget anything done.


This is also important for a couple of reasons. A highly vibrating sander is really hard on the hands. It causes the muscles to become tired more quickly and gives you less control. It's also much more likely to mark the surface that you are sanding.

Sandpaper Grades

Sandpaper Grit

Type of Sanding

40-60 grit

Coarse sanding

80-120 grit

Medium sanding

150-180 grit

Fine sanding

220-240 grit

Very fine sanding

280-320 grit

Super find finishing sanding

360+ grit

Will remove scratches for perfect finish

How to use a Sheet Sander

Hopefully you have found this information on best sheet sanders in the UK useful. If a sheet sander is not for you, then you might want to check out our list of all the various types of sander by clicking here.

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